8 Reasons World College Students Must Have Lag Insurance


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Starting college or college for the standard period can be daunting; Now there is no need to talk about starting in a special country! But exploring abroad is a unique experience. Although it adds a challenge and changes the way you’ve been doing, spending time in a new country will help you get to know the environment where you get a great education – and who doesn’t like it. That one?

Having student travel insurance that you don’t like can be well-suited to setting all your worries for fun, we’ve got a no-nonsense one for you. Read more!

Studying in Canada as an international student

Canadian authorities recommend that international college students obtain medical insurance upon arrival. Canada has a brilliant health care system, although hospital and dental costs can become very high for non-residents. Lag insurance can prepare you a discount so that you don’t have to pay these hospital bills that you have!

For more information on studying in Canada, try “Guide for International College Students Studying in Canada”, a handy resource with great tips for navigating and getting started!

What is TuGo Student Insurance, and how does it work?

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TuGo Student Insurance is designed for international college students coming to Canada. It offers additional options for coverage, including emergency hospital treatment of illness or injury, dental fees and prescription drugs. It also gives you access to a 24/7 emergency support line.

Listed below are the 8 benefits you will have when choosing TuGo student insurance:

1. Like you and your whole family

Our international student insurance policy provides individual and host families with a wide range of coverage.

2. COVID-19 coverage

From this point of view, the sign of a medical emergency in the area of ​​COVID-19, will be covered up to $2 million where you find out in Canada. But keep in mind, this coverage doesn’t include the ultimate COVID-19 test (along with any COVID-19 test done to meet the government’s timely requirements), no subject .

3. Canadian Foreign Policy

If you’re spending time outside of Canada while you’re exploring here, this idea can get you covered. That plan will cover you while you are away on any trip, as long as you are away from your home country and spend most of your time in Canada.

4. Multilingual shopping service

At TuGo, we stamp and language is without a doubt one of the many critical barriers to get the right healthcare. That’s why we offer multilingual consumer services as well as clinical translation services, so that our customers can communicate their concerns in their first language.

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5. Mental health insurance

Mental health is just as important as physical health, so whenever you’re likely to want to seek the care of a qualified healthcare professional, due to a hospital emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Psychological and emotional issues are covered as a restricted policy for the services involved under the Emergency Science treatment benefit in the same manner as any hospital emergency covered roof.

In addition, insurance coverage will be provided for the affected person and other services under any joint benefit that may apply (in addition to but not limited to ambulance service, prescription treatment, transportation family travel, repatriation, rehabilitation, other professional services) , in the following specialist areas:

• Licensed psychiatrist

• Licensed psychologist

• Registered Clinical Counselor

• Psychotherapist

• Registered nurse psychotherapist

6. Existing hospital condition insurance

Do you likely have a pre-existing medical condition? Don’t do bad things. We will cover you as long as your medical condition exists within 90 days of your policy commencement.

7. Implementation of hospital emergency care

You must seek advice from a doctor after emergency medical treatment, as long as 5 well-known visits will be covered as long as they occur within 14 days of your first treatment.

8. Non-public teaching activities

If you are going to be in the hospital for 30 days or more, we do not want you to fail in the encouragement of. So, that can help you find out that in your research, TuGo’s Pupil Insurance can help you get a few premiums for a non-public teacher.

These are just a few of the top picks of the perfect student insurance benefits for international college students to discover in Canada. Check out the recommendation from TuGo’s student insurance page to find out more. We are glad that you are choosing to search in Canada, and we want to make it clear that you will probably have the insurance you need.

If you have any questions about finding out in Canada, please leave them in the comments below! We love to hear from you.

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