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Long gone are the days when he had to fight through a lot of pressure just to borrow money. In the past, it was difficult to get a loan because of the heavy bureaucracy. On the other hand, the lending process is easier for today, thanks to technology. The easiest type of loan to get is Bright Bright. This loan package is designed to meet the financial needs of the President’s employees. It is some distance a small and convenient loan with a low-interest rate.

Bright Bright Mortgage
Bright Bright Mortgage

Description of Bright Bright Mortgage

Bright Bright Loans is a CreditDirect loan package that will be easy for the federal government and delivered to government officials in Nigeria. Usually, they provide quick emergency loans with no collateral from government officials in Nigeria. This loan package is said to be the last check and the most cost effective in Nigeria. Also, he boasts a merchant who is a mountain of sin that exceeds 250,000 of us.

How do I apply for a Bright Bright rental?

To apply for Bright Bright package, complete the following steps carefully:

1. Contact the online platform,

2. Next, click on “Bright Bright”. That is the most important thing to look at in online living.

3. After that, find the application you are looking for and click on “Find Now”. Come and have one of the company representatives set you up after this.

Alternatively, you can call their customer service number, 01-4482225 or dash to their address. You will find all their contact information below.

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What documents should I look for on the Bright Bright Mortgage website?

To borrow this loan package from CreditDirect, you must have the following documents:

1. A duly executed copy of the loan agreement. Attach your passport photo to it

2. Your Cover Letter & Employment or Letter of Recommendation.

3. Guarantor submissions, proof of funds, proof of issue, excluding post-dated checks.

4. Good Design of Identity

5. Employment ID (for our simplest salary) & Bank Statement or your bank statement.

To get the web application script, you will need:

  • First First
  • The name of the heart
  • First last
  • Be careful
  • E-mail Check
  • Mobile phone number
  • IPPIS number

What is a lender?

The borrower for this loan product is from one month to twelve months. On the other hand, it will be 24 months in some cases.

How do I contact Bright Bright Mortgage?

Since this loan product is one of the CreditDirect loan packages, it is most important to contact your father or mother company to get it. You will be in a position to contact them by virtue of:

Address: 48/50 Isaac John Avenue, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Mobile number: 0700CREDITDIRECT, 01-4482225

Contact E-mail:

Online website:

Concluding remarks

Bright Bright’s loan products are short-term and convenient credit with low interest rates. More than 250,000 government employees borrow this loan so you can be sure that this product is the web at the first rate. The information above will teach you everything there is to know about this loan product.

You will be in a position to use the entire loan web, customized according to your calculation needs by using this platform. Basically, it helps you to consider loans from different lenders throughout Africa, guaranteeing that the best option does not go back from.


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